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Hellebore (F) – Evil Witch. Wants to be the most powerful in the land.


Bluebell (F) – A funky woodland nymph who is there to prevent Hellebore from getting her evil way.


Dame (M) – Miss Snockers (Norma), the headmistress of the Great Giggleswick Village Academy.  She has settled down after her early days with the travelling circus. She turned her hand to lots of things including reading tea-leaves. She finds it hard to leave that behind sometimes. She is very maternal and seen as a bit of a healer.


Hansel (M) – Young boy. Very sporty but not as smart as Gretel.  But he holds his own in the school quiz team. His specialist subjects are Sport and Reality TV.


Gretel (F) – Young girl. Super smart science geek. Captain of the school quiz team.


Father, Sam (M) – Hansel & Gretel’s father and the best builder in the village. He has remarried and his new wife is keen to rid herself of his children.


Wicked Stepmother, Belladonna (F) – Recently married to Sam. In cahoots with the Evil Witch, her aunt.


Streaky (M/F) – One of the 3 little pigs. They have a varied role of comedy trio and have summer apprentice jobs.


Crackling (M/F) – the second of the 3 little pigs.


Keith (M) – the 3rd of the 3 little pigs. The most sensible of them. The one who built his house from bricks.


Charlie(M/F) – Friend of Hansel & Gretel and roving school reporter.


Burp (M/F) – Hellebore’s evil helper. A goblin/gargoyle type. Friendly, not terribly smart but well meaning.


Ensemble – A mix of adults and children, adults being the usual village/purveyor folk and children in school uniform.

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